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Manitoba makes it harder for some foreign students to immigrate here? Why this is a bad idea.

This month, Manitoba introduced new rules that make it harder for foreign students from outside Manitoba to qualify for Canadian permanent residence under Manitoba’s Provincial Nominee Program. As of September 1st, foreign students who previously studied in another Canadian province or territory will not be eligible to apply under the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program unless … Continue reading

Is this really how Canada’s immigraiton dating game will work?

In a year-end interview with the Globe & Mail, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney outlined his plan for an immigration system in which prospective immigrants could essentially post resumes to a government database that companies in Canada could access. If companies like what they see, these companies could essentially offer jobs to these prospective immigrants which would … Continue reading

Why your company’s LMO application may become a public document

In the last few weeks, a case between HD Mining and the Construction and Specialized Workers’ Union has been brewing. The final results of this case will go a long way in determining who has the right to make representations to the government on Labour Market Opinion applications that may have been issued incorrectly. If the court decisions that … Continue reading

Does your company offer top-up benefits for maternity and parental leave? If yes, you should note that temporary foreign workers whose work permits have expired will no longer get paid by EI

Earlier this month, the government of Canada announced that only individuals with valid SIN numbers would be eligible for Employment Insurance benefits for maternity leave, parental leave or compassionate care. What this means is that temporary foreign workers who may have paid into the EI system cannot avail themselves of these benefits once their legal entitlement to work … Continue reading

Manitoba Health Care and the 12 month work permit

What is the difference between a 12 month work permit and an 11 1/2 month work permit in Manitoba?  Outside of 14 days, the major difference between the two is that a 12 month work permit entitles a foreign worker and his or her family to Manitoba health care while a work permit of under … Continue reading

Immigration Pilot Projects – Good Idea or Creator of Competitive Disadvantages?

In many cases, before the government introduces changes to the immigration system, pilot projects are run to assess whether a new and different approach to immigration will achieve certain policy goals.  The advantage of pilot projects are that they allow the government to analyze how a change in immigration policy could work on a smaller scale level … Continue reading

Why does government make immigrants guess what they need?

When an employer seeks to hire a foreign worker, the employer must often apply to the Government of Canada to obtain a positive Labour Market Opinion (“LMO”) – a document in which the government states that it is convinced that no Canadians or permanent residents are willing or able to do the job. In most cases, employers who … Continue reading

Is centralizing Temporary Foreign Worker Units a good thing for businesses?

Last week, Citizenship and Immigration Canada made another announcement as it continues to reorganize its operations. Its latest announcement (which can be found here: OB 433 – June 13, 2012) will now result in the centralization of what are known as Temporary Foreign Worker Units in Toronto and Montreal. What this means is that Temporary … Continue reading