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Is the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program moving in the right direction?

Late last month, the Manitoba Government announced a number of proposed changes  to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. As I allude to in my CBC op-ed from yesterday, while the direction of these changes is positive, the devil, as they say, is in the details. Provincial Nominee Programs are, first and foremost, economic immigration programs. As a … Continue reading

How HR can protect their Employer from Hiring Illegal Workers

HR professionals are often tasked with determining whether someone is legally able to work in Canada or not. This can be a tricky task.  Simply asking the question to the individual and taking their word as gospel may not be wise. For more information on this, check out my latest article for the HRMAM here … Continue reading

What should the consequences really be for a person who falsifies information on an immigration application?

Last week, I wrote this op-ed for the CBC on what should happen when immigrants who lie on their immigration application, actually believed that they were telling the truth? Earlier this year, Democratic Institutions Minister Maryam Monsef truly thought that what her mother told her about being born in Afghanistan was the truth until recently … Continue reading

Immigration 101: Filling up Quickly!

Due to the success of my last two sessions, we have added a third session next Thursday (September 20).  This session is filling up very quickly, so be sure to register soon! The seminar will be a combination of lecture and workshop, which will optimize the participants’ grasp on topics such as immigration law compliance and … Continue reading

Are your References Reliable?

With any application process which involves providing references – whether a job, rental and especially an immigration application – it is very important that you choose the most reliable people to vouch for you.  The last thing you want is for one of your carefully-chosen references to provide incorrect or inconsistent information.  Unfortunately, this can … Continue reading

Immigration 101: Filling up Quickly

Due to the success of my first Immigration 101 session, which took place in May, I added a second session which is to run on September 15, but this session has already filled up!  As a result, we are offering a third session which is to take place on September 20. The seminar will be … Continue reading

Immigration 101: Back by Popular Demand

After the success of my first Immigration 101 seminar in May, I am grateful to have the opportunity to run a second session on September 15. The seminar will be a combination lecture and workshop, which will optimize the participants’ grasp on topics such as immigration law compliance and the hiring and continued employment of … Continue reading

Immigration, Employment Law, Human Rights and Taxes

Last week, some of my colleagues and I had the opportunity to present on immigration, taxes, human rights and employment law with regard to cross-border employees at a CCCA section meeting. Immigration Law I spoke about some common issues for employers who are sending their employees over the border, including the obligations of the employer, … Continue reading

Four Suggestions for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program

For a few weeks, a Parliamentary committee has been looking closely at the programs which allow Canadian employers to bring in temporary foreign workers to fill vacancies when no Canadian citizens or permanent residents are willing or able to take the jobs.  With regard to the committee’s findings, I have four suggestions: Remove the 10% … Continue reading

Immigration 101 Seminar

Last week, I had the pleasure of conducting a seminar about the basics of business immigration dos and don’ts for a group of HR personnel.  This seminar, entitled “Immigration 101”, was a combination of both lecture and workshop, allowing the participants really grasp the importance of immigration law compliance when dealing with the hiring and … Continue reading