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Manitoba makes it harder for some foreign students to immigrate here? Why this is a bad idea.

This month, Manitoba introduced new rules that make it harder for foreign students from outside Manitoba to qualify for Canadian permanent residence under Manitoba’s Provincial Nominee Program. As of September 1st, foreign students who previously studied in another Canadian province or territory will not be eligible to apply under the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program unless … Continue reading

Here is why immigration to Canada will be driven by employers

This week, I had the opportunity to write this op-ed column in the Winnipeg Free Press on how the Canadian immigration system will make it easier for skilled trades and persons with Canadian work experience to immigrate here. While the new changes target certain skilled individuals, the overall thrust of the Canadian immigration system of the 2010s … Continue reading

How Manitoba’s business immigration program can be fixed

On Wednesday, the Winnipeg Free Press ran an article on Manitoba’s failing business immigration program. Today, I chipped in my suggestion in a Free Press Op-Ed on how to fix the business immigration program. Manitoba’s business immigration systems suffers from two things: Long immigration processing times that do not reflect the reality of doing business; and A … Continue reading

Manitoba Health Care and the 12 month work permit

What is the difference between a 12 month work permit and an 11 1/2 month work permit in Manitoba?  Outside of 14 days, the major difference between the two is that a 12 month work permit entitles a foreign worker and his or her family to Manitoba health care while a work permit of under … Continue reading

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program – Are the critics wrong?

Over the weekend, this article appeared calling out and criticizing Manitoba’s immigration program: Is Manitoba’s immigration ‘success’ worth crowing over? – Winnipeg Free Press* . According to the article, Manitoba’s immigration program is not the success it appears to be because the incomes of new immigrants to Manitoba are below the incomes of immigrants to … Continue reading

How long will Manitoba’s family support stream last?

A number of years ago, Canada had an immigration program known as the “Assisted Relative” program.  Under this program, individuals with relatives in Canada would be awarded “points” for certain characteristics.  If the individual manage to score above a certain point threshold, he/she would be eligible to immigrate to Canada as a permanent resident. When the … Continue reading

Immmigration’s Summer Freeze

For the last number of years, July 1 has represented the day when the cap on certain immigration applications to Canada is reset allowing individuals who were not able to apply for permanent residency in the past year to make an application. With every annual reset of the cap, there have also been changes to … Continue reading