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Immmigration’s Summer Freeze

For the last number of years, July 1 has represented the day when the cap on certain immigration applications to Canada is reset allowing individuals who were not able to apply for permanent residency in the past year to make an application. With every annual reset of the cap, there have also been changes to … Continue reading

Is centralizing Temporary Foreign Worker Units a good thing for businesses?

Last week, Citizenship and Immigration Canada made another announcement as it continues to reorganize its operations. Its latest announcement (which can be found here: OB 433 – June 13, 2012) will now result in the centralization of what are known as Temporary Foreign Worker Units in Toronto and Montreal. What this means is that Temporary … Continue reading

Where is customer service in the immigration process?

Last week, Citizenship and Immigration Canada sent out this announcement that essentially closes immigration offices in Canada to the public: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/resources/manuals/bulletins/2012/ob431.asp. This announcement comes on the heels of other recent announcements in which Canadian immigration offices in a number of countries around the globe were closed. The reason for the closures is to save money as Canada faces … Continue reading

Why closing Canadian visa offices in the U.S. may be a good thing

Today, the federal government formally announced what was leaked in the media last week – that it was closing down the visa section at the Canadian Consulate General in Buffalo, N.Y. As a result, processing of permanent residency applications that were destined to that office will now be processed in Canada. For people applying for work … Continue reading

Will federal budget cuts impact immigration to Canada?

Thursday’s federal budget announced a number of upcoming policy changes to the immigration system. In addition, the budget announced cuts of over $5 billion to various government programs. Two government entities, Citizenship and Immigration Canada and the Canada Border Services Agency, are the ones that deal with immigration to Canada. Citizenship and Immigration Canada typically … Continue reading