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Here’s how to ensure public support of Canadian immigration policy in the wake of Trump and Brexit

The election of Donald Trump and the Brexit vote in the U.K. brought to the surface the public’s concern and anger with U.S. and U.K. immigration policies. As a country built on immigration, Canada cannot afford to close its doors to the world’s best and brightest. Instead, as I argue in my latest CBC Op-ed, what Canada needs to … Continue reading

How HR can protect their Employer from Hiring Illegal Workers

HR professionals are often tasked with determining whether someone is legally able to work in Canada or not. This can be a tricky task.  Simply asking the question to the individual and taking their word as gospel may not be wise. For more information on this, check out my latest article for the HRMAM here … Continue reading

What should the consequences really be for a person who falsifies information on an immigration application?

Last week, I wrote this op-ed for the CBC on what should happen when immigrants who lie on their immigration application, actually believed that they were telling the truth? Earlier this year, Democratic Institutions Minister Maryam Monsef truly thought that what her mother told her about being born in Afghanistan was the truth until recently … Continue reading