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Immigration 101 Seminar

Last week, I had the pleasure of conducting a seminar about the basics of business immigration dos and don’ts for a group of HR personnel.  This seminar, entitled “Immigration 101”, was a combination of both lecture and workshop, allowing the participants really grasp the importance of immigration law compliance when dealing with the hiring and … Continue reading

What more can Manitoba’s “most powerful” do to open the door to diversity?

Last week, I had the opportunity to spend the evening discussing this topic with some very insightful individuals for the University of Manitoba’s Visionary Conversations in the Community.   The discussion was an open conversation between myself and my co-panellists about the way in which people in our community gain power, privilege, and inclusion.  We discussed … Continue reading

Will Manitoba’s taxpayers continue to foot the bill for provincial immigration?

With the recent election of a new provincial government, Manitoba’s new Minister of Education and Training, Ian Wishart, will also be responsible for  provincial immigration.  One of the big questions on the table is whether Manitoba will start charging fees for the filing of provincial immigration applications. Since the implementation of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee … Continue reading

What more can Manitoba’s “most powerful” do to open the door to diversity?

Tomorrow I will be participating in the next Visionary Conversation event, hosted by the University of Manitoba, which is to be held at the Winnipeg Art Gallery.  Visionary Conversations is a series of events that covers topics relevant to the community, such as scandals in Canadian politics and the value of post-secondary education.  The topic … Continue reading

Lost in translation: Government’s plan to change (but not eliminate) a language requirement for Canadian citizenship

Should Canada require would-be Canadian citizens to pass a language test in either French or English before they are able to become citizens? While this has been the case for years, it is now time to re-think this. Immigrating to Canada is often the first step to becoming a Canadian citizen.  Depending on the stream of … Continue reading

My testimony before the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration

Late last month I had the privilege of speaking before the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration at Parliament.  The focus of my presentation was on Bill C-6, and I both what I felt was missing from the Bill, as well as what I disagreed with within the Bill. First, I spoke about the lack … Continue reading