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Shaping Canada’s Future – 2016’s Immigration Plan

On March 8, 2016, Parliament released the Liberal’s plan for Canadian immigration in 2016, and it appears to be leaning more toward a family reunification and humanitarian agenda, and leaning away from economic immigration.

This is a stark contrast from the Conservative’s 2015 numbers, which included more than 279,000 immigrants, over half of which were to be brought in via economic immigration streams.  2016’s plan includes 160,600 in the economic class, 80,000 in the family class, 55,800 in the refugee class, and 3,600 in the humanitarian class, totalling 300,000.

Although I feel that Canada should continue to bring in immigrants in the family and protected persons/refugee classes, I do believe that it is important that Canada maintain a high intake of economic and business immigrants in order to continue to stimulate Canada economy.

For my take on the 2016 Immigration Plan, check out my latest CBC piece here.

*This blog post was co-written by Leanne Verreault, immigration legal assistant


About Reis Pagtakhan

Reis Pagtakhan is an immigration law partner with MLT Aikins LLP. His extensive experience includes assisting businesses obtain temporary entry to Canada and permanent residency for their executives, employees and contractors from all over the world. Reis has lectured on and written papers on immigration law for the Law Society of Manitoba, the Manitoba Bar Association, the Human Resources Management Association of Manitoba, the Canadian Corporate Counsel Association, and the Community Legal Education Association of Manitoba. He has presented position papers before the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Immigration Department officials and Manitoba Labour and Immigration. He has written articles on immigration for the CBC, the Winnipeg Free Press, trade, industry and ethnic publications.


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