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Move Over, Feds. It’s time for Manitoba to take the Reins on Economic Immigration

The recent announcement that Canada would be decreasing the number of job-ready economic immigrants to Canada is mind-boggling.  Although there is a benefit to increasing the number of family- and refugee-class immigrants, there is an obvious and significant benefit to increasing the number of immigrants who are willing and able to come to Canada and … Continue reading

Employers who use the IMP are Subject to Raids, too?

This past January, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) released their new procedure for conducting immigration compliance inspections on employers who have foreign workers employed and who were not required to prove that Canadian citizens and permanent residents were given preference in the hiring process.  Employers with this type of set-up are part of Canada’s … Continue reading

Recommendations for Strengthening Manitoba’s Workforce – My Interview for the WCC Manitoba BOLD

Earlier this month, the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce released Manitoba BOLD, a document which challenges Manitoba’s political parties to act on various recommendations the Chamber feels will improve our province in terms of strengthening our workforce. I am proud to be a part of this initiative and, as a part of this, communicated by BOLD … Continue reading

Questions for McCallum

On Thursday, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada Minister John McCallum will speak to the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce, giving him a chance to address publicly what his 2016 immigration plan means for Canada. I am hoping that the Minister will address these three issues: The decrease in the number of job-ready economic immigrants Though I … Continue reading

The Citizenship Oath and Canadian Indigenous Peoples

When newcomers to Canada take their Citizenship Oath, they are required to pledge their allegiance to the Queen and agree to fulfill their duties as Canadian citizens.  This oath, however, does not currently have any mention of the laws and treaties relating to Canada’s indigenous peoples. With today’s need for increased focus to be put … Continue reading

Shaping Canada’s Future – 2016’s Immigration Plan

On March 8, 2016, Parliament released the Liberal’s plan for Canadian immigration in 2016, and it appears to be leaning more toward a family reunification and humanitarian agenda, and leaning away from economic immigration. This is a stark contrast from the Conservative’s 2015 numbers, which included more than 279,000 immigrants, over half of which were … Continue reading