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Homeland Security or Fear Mongering? Why citizens of visa-exempt countries may soon need authorization in order to visit Canada

A recently proposed change to the law could mean that individuals from specific countries which currently do not require visas to visit Canada – such as the United Kingdom, Australia, and many countries in the European Union – could require an “electronic travel authorization” in order to enter Canada by airplane.  This system would be … Continue reading

Canada Keeps Cracking Down on Employers of Illegal Workers

Last week, the Vancouver Sun published this story: http://www.vancouversun.com/news/West+firm+owners+charged+employing+illegal+workers/9256506/story.html reporting that a Vancouver construction company and its owners have been accused of employing six foreign nationals illegally.  while the company and the owner are presumed innocent, these type of enforcement actions are increasing. One of the interesting aspects of the allegation is that the foreign workers … Continue reading