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Why closing Canadian visa offices is not the answer to attracting the best and brightest to Canada

Yesterday, Citizenship and Immigration Canada announced it was closing yet another overseas visa office – this time in Seoul, South Korea. This announcement comes on the heels of stories out of the U.S. that major reforms of the U.S. immigration system may be coming. These reforms, if passed, would make the U.S. more competitive in attracting skilled … Continue reading

Does your business really know the cost of immgration compliance?

Yesterday, the Globe & Mail published  this article that indicates that bureaucratic red tape cost Canadian companies $31 billion per year. If you work in a business that hire foreign workers, have you made an analysis of how much immigration red tape costs you? In April, it will be two years since the Canadian government introduced regulations affecting … Continue reading

Could a change in U.S. immigration policy affect immigration to Canada?

The U.S. has had trouble passing immigration reform for years. It seems that every time they come close to a solution, one side of the debate or the other derails the process. However, if they do pass new laws that make it easier for temporary foreign workers to enter the U.S., this could have a … Continue reading

Will provincial nominee programs still be relevant?

When provincial nominee programs came on the scene in the 1990s, they were heralded as a way for provinces outside of Quebec to select immigrants to settle directly in specific provinces. (Quebec has had virtually total control of immigration to that province for decades.) For years, the vast majority of the immigrants to Canada settled in … Continue reading

Is this really how Canada’s immigraiton dating game will work?

In a year-end interview with the Globe & Mail, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney outlined his plan for an immigration system in which prospective immigrants could essentially post resumes to a government database that companies in Canada could access. If companies like what they see, these companies could essentially offer jobs to these prospective immigrants which would … Continue reading