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Immigration Pilot Projects – Good Idea or Creator of Competitive Disadvantages?

In many cases, before the government introduces changes to the immigration system, pilot projects are run to assess whether a new and different approach to immigration will achieve certain policy goals.  The advantage of pilot projects are that they allow the government to analyze how a change in immigration policy could work on a smaller scale level … Continue reading

How long will Manitoba’s family support stream last?

A number of years ago, Canada had an immigration program known as the “Assisted Relative” program.  Under this program, individuals with relatives in Canada would be awarded “points” for certain characteristics.  If the individual manage to score above a certain point threshold, he/she would be eligible to immigrate to Canada as a permanent resident. When the … Continue reading

Why does government make immigrants guess what they need?

When an employer seeks to hire a foreign worker, the employer must often apply to the Government of Canada to obtain a positive Labour Market Opinion (“LMO”) – a document in which the government states that it is convinced that no Canadians or permanent residents are willing or able to do the job. In most cases, employers who … Continue reading

Immmigration’s Summer Freeze

For the last number of years, July 1 has represented the day when the cap on certain immigration applications to Canada is reset allowing individuals who were not able to apply for permanent residency in the past year to make an application. With every annual reset of the cap, there have also been changes to … Continue reading